Top Secret – the ‘New’ wonder diet is here!

Top Secret – the ‘New’ wonder diet is here!

Would you like to have more energy?
Are you fed up having sallow looking skin?
Is your digestive system so unpredictable that you are sick and tired of it?
Do your clothes feel uncomfortable?
Would you like to feel more confident?

If you answered yes to at least one of the above our NEW wonder diet is for you! You will be left ‘wondering’ why you didn’t adopt our ‘wonder’ diet GOLDEN GUIDELINES before and have been ‘WAISTing’ time ‘wondering’ why you are not succeeding!

With a few simple steps we can promise that you will:
– Have more energy!
– See a brighter fresher complexion looking back at you!
– Your digestive system will become more ‘regular’!
– You will be able to wear your favourite clothes!
– You will worry less about how you look and feel more confident!

Welcome to the eKuiLibriuM ‘RADICAL REBALANCE’!

Follow our GOLDEN GUIDELINES in relation to your eating & lifestyle and over the next 28 days you will see and feel the negatives change to the positive! We’ve called this section our ‘Radical Rebalance’ and we have re-named our e-book on eating healthily for life to this too (which all 121 personal training clients receive for free)! Ok, so it’s NOT a ‘WONDER DIET’ but the wonder will be why you have been beating yourself up by not adopting these strategies for balanced nutrition and improved wellness.

Quite frankly there are 100’s of theories out there about how and what you should eat and why you should do it that way. However, the eKuiLibriuM approach to eating has always come from the ‘healthy eating’ camp. We encourage and advocate lifestyle changes that give balance to your life. We know that festivities and treats happen – you have to deal with them, but, if for 80% of the time you can follow our GOLDEN GUIDELINES then the 20% of the time you fall off the rails won’t have quite the same level of negative impact! HOWEVER, if you are overweight to the point of obesity and some of its associated illnesses, such as diabetes, poor mobility, and elevated blood pressure being part of your life, put simply you should be adopting these GOLDEN GUIDELINES until your symptoms are easing and you have lost sufficient body fat to take your weight back into a healthy target zone. We are not doctors, so, if in doubt, double check with your GP before making the changes we encourage below.

Hey, sugar sugar 😉

One of the biggest issues to face people everyday is the constantly changing messages about what is and what isn’t good for you. We are fully in agreement with media that sugar is likely to be the biggest killer (that and stress!) for humankind. Sugar is hidden in so many pre-made, processed products. It’s hidden in many guises under many names (ends in OSE generally). Surprisingly as well as being in sweet products, it’s added to savoury products and it’s added to foods that are labelled ‘low fat’ to add flavour, ‘substance’ and to make it more appealing. If you are following a poor diet our bodies cannot use the entire sugar product that it takes in on a daily basis. We can only store so much ‘energy’ to be used (glycogen) and the remainder is laid down as fat stores, which our bodies ultimately should be burning as a usable energy source, but all the while we add more sugar to our eating we will be adding more fat to our coat our vital organs and slow down our natural functions.

Sugar is addictive and upsets neural messages – the messages from the body to the brain and vice versa. Eating foods – and drinks- high in sugar on a regular basis will leave your body and brain confused and makes you think that you are hungry! Sugar, particularly simple sugars found in sweets, cakes, pastries, and drinks, releases its usable energy very quickly causing a surge in blood sugar and insulin response; so when the effect wears off the brain sends messages to say that it wants more! Even some fruits eaten alone can cause the same response to brain/blood/insulin, which is why we would encourage fruit to be eaten as part of a meal, especially if you have a big journey with regard to losing body fat. (Healthy snacking, with perhaps a piece of fruit and a couple of nuts together – carbs and protein together, which slow down the digestive processes would be a sensible option to add in if you need to add a snack between meals due to exercise). We are obviously not saying that fruit is bad for you, far from, it! There is a huge amount of science behind this which we can share with you – drop us an email if you would like a chat about it.

Hence our RADICAL REBALANCE is biased quite strategically to eating as naturally/cleanly as possible!


1. Go back to basics! Eliminate all processed foods and eat simple homemade food. Processed means anything that is ready made – so none of the pre-made meals; pastry, biscuits, cakes, crisps or foods. Aim to eat 3 regular meals a day and minimise snacking between meals.

2. Avoid all sugar based foods – this includes ALCOHOL and also includes homemade cakes; sweets; wheat based products; anything with ‘OSE’ on the label–(although this should reinforce eliminate processed foods, as likely most ‘things’ with a label are processed!). Be aware that sugar that replaces fat in low fat meals/snacks to add flavour will cause you to retain or gain fat!

3. If you are a ‘pasta monster’, look to reduce pasta portions – measure them out before you cook – and for an adult a raw portion is approximately the size of a fist. Select wholegrain varieties as white varieties release their carbohydrate – sugar- very quickly, again making your brain think that you are still hungry. Rotate carb sources at meals and if you are looking to lose body fat aim to have your carbs with lunch only and you will utilise the energy whilst you are busier. Select wholegrains such as brown basmati rice. Consider trying quinoa and swapping huge jacket potatoes for a handful of steamed new potatoes.

4. Include a full range of above the ground, colourful vegetables to each meal. This will fill you up and leave you less likely to want to snack in between meals on undesirable food! Your digestive system needs the fibre and water from the vegetables to function optimally. Each meal plate should have half the plate full of above the ground veg (not including potatoes, swede, parsnip as these also have higher sugar levels that will release energy more quickly, these can represent your carb choice for a quarter of the plate, alongside your protein choices!). Aiming for 7 portions of above the ground veg over a day – yes 7!

5. Add a range of fruit to your daily diet, but eat them with meals rather than in between. Include berries and seasonal fruit to provide a full complement of vitamins and minerals. Eating with your main meals as dessert will encourage better selections over processed simple sugars (avoid fruit yoghurts as these are packed with added sugar, instead choose greek or natural yoghurt to eat with the fruit, which again will slow down its energy release). It will also ensure that you eat some fruit on a daily basis and also limit the sugar rush as discussed above.

6. Eliminate coffee, black and green tea (caffeine), all carbonated drinks, all energy drinks, milkshakes, shop packaged fruit juices and substitute these with water or herbal teas. If you are able to drink 1.5 to 2 litres of water a day you will be helping your system to fully function. Remember .that vegetables are almost certainly 60% plus water content, so the more veg you eat the more water you absorb.

7. We need some fat in our daily diet to keep everything in balance. Aim to use coconut oil to cook with and quality olive oil or flaxseed oil for salad dressings. Whilst coconut oil is classified as a saturated fat it is from a plant source opposed to a meat source and the composition of the chain of molecules has good qualities that we need to aid cellular activities. It is a fat which is solid at room temperature, and a little goes a long way and it has the ability to reach high cooking temperatures without breaking down and changing its molecular structure making it ideal for stir fries. Both olive oil and flaxseed oil are good choices for salad dressings, we don’t need to have our food soaked in lashings of oil – again moderation is key.

8. Rotate your meat/fish/poultry/legume/nuts & seed sources over a week to ensure a balance of essential nutrients and try not to eat the same source more than once on the same day.

9. Swap breakfast cereals that are high in sugar and therefore heavily processed for better choices such as porridge oats (not ready brek or oatsosimple!). Even better consider adding eggs and vegetables as an alternative for your breakfast.

10. Aim to give your body a ‘break’ overnight to process all the good nutrients, eliminate waste and recover, by aiming for about 10-12 hours between your evening meal and breakfast.

11. Sleep! More! As much as you can – ideally more than 5 hours a night – closer to 6 to 8 hours and aim to truly switch off as you retire! This also includes ‘switching off’ phones, ipads, tvs. When you wake up in the morning, give yourself a bit of a stretch in bed before rolling onto your side to get up and ready for your day.

12. Be more active! Aim for the minimum of 30 minutes gentle activity every day and your heart will respond favourably! You will also digest your meals more effectively; be in a better mood; stave off the onset of long term illness associated with a sedentary lifestyle and poor diet. Find a hobby or interest that allows you to expand your level of fitness by adding in a little more vigorous exercise – but make sure you do something that makes you smile!

How much will I lose and how quickly?

Let us focus on what you will gain rather than lose. If we refer back to our opening statements, by adopting a more simple, homemade, back to basics way of eating in a healthy balanced way, for as little as 28 days, you will :


Do it for life and you will help to delay the onset of long term illness, have more energy, and be able to spend more time with those that you care about.

We don’t promise 7 pounds weight loss overnight, or even in a week. We want you to make adaptive changes that you can live by and reap the benefit. No quick fixes, no gimmicks!

"They helped me set realistic goals, with challenging yet achievable milestones" Susanne

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