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Ekuilibrium Personal Training Video


Ekuilibrium Personal Training Video


Ekuilibrium Personal Training Video


Ekuilibrium Personal Training Video


Ekuilibrium Personal Training Video

Dave & Claudie

Ekuilibrium Personal Training Video

Mandy & Pete

Ekuilibrium Personal Training Video

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"They helped me set realistic goals, with challenging yet achievable milestones" Susanne
  • Jason
  • Civil Engineer
  • Age: 30
  • Goal: Lose 3 stone in weight

When I contacted eKuiLibriuM I felt that I was very overweight and had been unsuccessful with dieting and exercising on my own, and keeping the weight off that I lost. When I commenced training with eKuiLibriuM I was 15.5 stone and had a goal of achieving a weight of 12.5 stone. So far, in two months I have lost 2 stone in weight. It’s nice to get that one to one attention and that sessions are tailored to my own personal weight and fitness objectives. eKuiLibriuM have been successful in helping me achieve my fitness and weight goals. I would not have achieved it without them.

Jason went on to lose a total of 5 stones in weight, reducing his bodyweight to 10.5 stones!

  • Susanne
  • Operations Manager
  • Age: 38
  • Goal: Had baby, get pre-pregnancy fitness back

Having had a baby 5 months earlier I desperately needed to get fitter, healthier and lose a lot of weight. Like many people, I had signed up to a number of fruitless gym memberships in the past and a personal trainer was the only answer.

They helped me set realistic goals, with challenging yet achievable milestones. My training sessions were focused to my individual needs and achieving my goals. The workouts were varied and enjoyable which kept me interested. Without their motivating influence I would certainly have never stuck to my regime.

Working with eKuiLibriuM, I achieved my goals and am back to my pre-pregnancy weight, much fitter and feel great. I now also have the motivation and confidence to exercise outside our sessions and have taken up rowing and have started running. Larry and Kimberly are a great team and I would most certainly recommend eKuiLibriuM.

  • Kay
  • Administrator
  • Age:
  • Goal: To be more mobile, active & confident; Kay has Multiple Sclerosis

I am delighted with the way things have worked out. I am feeling very fit and healthy in myself, and this week I have started walking around the office without a stick. The way I walk up and down stairs is also improving. I can do things when I go home at night rather than collapsing in a heap - not every night, but then who does?! Still managing longer gardening sessions and I am going to try a walk in one of the local parks this Sunday. I am keeping up the exercise and the healthy eating and altogether just feel better mentally and physically, and motivated and positive. I am enjoying the achievement of exercising again as I used to do when I went to the gym regularly before I got more disabled. And once the gardening is done for this summer, I shall be heading out on horseback somewhere!

  • Irene
  • UK Logistics Manager
  • Age: 35
  • Goal: Run 10 mile race

I decided that getting a personal trainer was the best way to reach my goal of completing the run, after looking through the internet at various gyms and personal trainers I decided to contact eKuiLibriuM as it was a personalised trainer in a private gym. For someone like myself who hadn't exercised for years and was significantly overweight the thought of going to a normal gym with lots of other people filled me with dread!

My original goal was to be able to complete the Bupa Great South run (and not kill myself doing it). As I have been with eKuiLibriuM for a couple of months now there are a few more goals that have been added, such as running a mile in 10 minutes before the end of October and being able to do a sit up! In the first 10 weeks I have lost 1 stone in weight, taken 4 minutes off my time for a mile and been able to run the whole way for a mile (when I first started I could barely run 100m!)

In the few weeks I have been training I have become much fitter, less stressed at work and calmer in general.

I would definitely recommend eKuiLibriuM - it is a brilliant way to exercise, achieve goals, keep up momentum (none of the don't want to go to the gym because it will be really busy), and it is personalized for each person therefore it doesn't matter what your level of fitness is when you start. I am now enjoying exercising and losing weight! Larry and Kimberley are brilliant trainers and really have the "making you feel welcome and comfortable" down to a tee, even to the simple things like always introducing you to the person that comes to the next session. I think the service is different to what others offer as it is a private friendly gym with a personalised service.

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