Summer Fitness Top Ten Tips

For many people the months of July and August are times when they relax their normal fitness routines in favour of simply chilling out and perhaps having just a little bit of excess fun!

That’s cool of course and life is meant to be in balance. But please don’t let 10 months of regular, good habit forming, fun fitness and increased wellbeing be lost over the 8 or so weeks!

Consider our top 10 tips – all very simple and doable

1. Plan your holiday in a location that you know you will have access to the sport/activity you participate in.
2. Research what facilities your dream venue has to offer before you go so that you know what to pack.
3. Pack one single set of kit: a pair of trainers: swim gear. They will wash and dry quickly in most hot locations.
4. Sign up ‘in resort’ for walking tours of the local sights.
5. Get up a little bit earlier than the rest of the family and while its cooler and get outside.
6. Arrange pool based games with the kids and family – challenge them every day.
7. Take sports equipment on days out in the car, ready for an impromptu game.
8. Choose to do a relaxation class if on offer – yoga, pilates, meditation
9. Join a local run club, tri club, swim club, tennis club, for an open morning – having researched in advance
10. Make it fun, stay hydrated, limit excess alcohol and choose local fresh food to keep your fitness on track.

"They helped me set realistic goals, with challenging yet achievable milestones" Susanne

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