Sugar Shockers

If you could make one change only in your daily eating and drinking habits then we would encourage you to consider not drinking your daily calorie and sugar intake.

By simply being more conscious about the drinks that you consuming you will be reducing the likelihood of your body laying down excess sugar stores as fat. In addition to body fat, the sugars will contribute to poor dental hygiene and a whole host of nasty’s such as diabetes, high blood pressure, coronary heart disease, and hyperactivity disorders to name just a few.

Swapping out bottles, cartons and pouches of drinks for water will save you hundreds of calories and teaspoons of sugar. Processed drinks should be classified as a treat, whether you are at a stable healthy weight or struggling to lose body fat. You will get far more usable energy value from eating your calories from quality, clean, unprocessed and natural sources. Sugar based drinks will cause a spike in your blood sugar levels, immediately followed by a slump which in turn will make you think that you are hungry and this will lead on to snacking, often on poor choices.

An individual’s daily energy requirements will vary dependent on age, gender, weight and activity levels, but below is a Guideline Daily Amount table for Women, Men and Children.

Guideline Daily Amount Values
Typical values               Women                      Men                Children (5-10 years)
Calories                        2,000 kcal               2,500 kcal             1,800 kcal
Protein                              45 g                          55 g                         24 g
Carbohydrate                 230 g                       300g                        220 g
-Sugars                             90g                          120 g                         85 g
Fat                                     70 g                          95 g                          70 g
-Saturates                        20 g                          30 g                         20 g
Fibre                                 24 g                           24 g                          15 g
Salt                                      6 g                             6 g                            4 g

We compared 5 easily available drinks. Looking at our Sugar Shocker picture (which is in the studio for all to be shocked by!) you will see that you could be consuming a high percentage of your daily sugar and calorie intake from them alone.

Coke – 500ml – with 53g sugar per bottle, represents 58% of a woman’s daily guideline for sugar and at 210Kcal 10.5% of her daily kCal intake.

Frijj – 471ml – has 50.86g sugar per bottle, which represents 59.8% of a child (5-10 years) daily guideline for sugar and at 344kCal is 19.1% of their daily kCal intake.

Active Isotonic – 500ml – has 18.5g sugar per bottle, which represents 19.4% of a typical man’s daily sugar guideline and has 135kcal per bottle, which is 5.2% of their daily kcal intake.

Fruit Splash – 200ml – has 22g sugar per pouch, which represents 25.8% of a child’s daily guideline sugar intake. What is even scarier is that millilitre for millilitre this has more sugar than 500ml of coke at 55g per 500ml! At 95kcal per pouch it also works out at 237 kcal for 500ml, again higher than coke!

Water – 500ml – has NO sugar, and NO calories. It won’t make your blood sugar spike or slump. It won’t make you feel hungrier – in fact it is more likely to stabilise hunger pangs! It will keep your body working efficiently, your skin clear, your brain active.

In summary:
None of us are angels and a little treat does slip in to our daily lives. However, if you are struggling on any level, whether physically or emotionally consider your daily drink consumption and swap out your processed drinks (and shop bought juices) for water. We can’t guarantee it will make you live forever but you will enjoy your days and nights a lot more!

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