Success is in the journey not the destination – Kenton Cool

Family eKuiLibriuM attended a talk last night given by Kenton Cool.  For those of you that don’t know who he is he is one of the World’s leading high altitude climbers.  Within his stable he has climbed Everest 11 times.  From humble beginnings in Slough he has ascended to become one of the World’s most sought after mountain guides.  So for us being in a room with this modern day adventurer allowed us to delve into a world that we have never considered part of our lives.  Being there the day after another of the UK’s adventurers, Henry Worsley, had sadly died in the Antarctic gave the talk an even more humbling feel.

This chap, real name, Kenton Cool, whose grandfather arrived in the UK from Germany during the war with a very German sounding name of Kuhl, (in Cool’s own words);  this was decidedly uncool at the time, so he changed his name by deed poll.  Kenton’s first name has links to his parents’ love of the Archers!  He grew up in Slough.  No mountains.  Read a book about the 1953 Everest expedition and was hooked for life.  Even though he has experienced more close brushes with death he still gets up each day to be with the great outdoors and his greatest passion, aside from his young family, is to conquer those peaks that remain unnamed and unconquered.

Why were we there?  To be inspired I guess.  To hear tales of adventure up close and personal.  Young Miss eKuiLibriuM had read ‘The Everest Files’ at school the previous year as part of a local inter schools Book Award Scheme.  It didn’t win their award overall but it left her intrigued about the region and the peak itself.  That was it, or so we thought, another day, another book for the Miss.  But at the end of 2015 the three of us embarked on a super special treat to watch a new film, Everest, in 3D Imax.  It was breath-taking and spectacular, and it had all the emotion in it to take you to the edge of your seat as you watched the climbers fight for success and survival.

As a family we are not drawn to climbing mountains on a regular basis.  Well ever, if I am honest.  Whether young Miss E will be a mountain climber and explorer there is a lot of her life yet to work that one out!  But we have our own adventures and successes.  The talk, added to the news Henry Worsley’s death enabled us take time out together to be a little inquisitive!  Henry Worsley did not complete his expedition; he died a mere 30 miles from his destination of completing Ernest Shackleton’s historic unfinished fated journey in the Antarctic.  Henry did not make it but he will be remembered to taking and making the journey.

Kenton Cool last night used the statement – Success is in the journey, not the destination.  He ceremoniously scrolled and wizzed it Powerpoint style onto his favourite ‘close up head shot’ of himself looking swarthy and a true adventurer.  His statement had me hooked.  Everyone can find their inner adventurer if they are willing to take a journey.  Adventure and success are not measured by climbing mountains alone, or wandering in rain forests, or raising thousands for charity on a regular basis.  Adventure and success are there in everyday life, we just have to pause and acknowledge them.  It could be in the simplest act of kindness; getting out for a walk, achieving a sense of balance in your life that gives you contentment and enlightenment.

Last week I asked you all to find your inner fierce’ to get you onto your path of positivity; so this week I implore us all to believe in your inner adventurer’ and seize the daily challenges that make us into the people we are.  If that happens to be fulfilling a bucket list of wishes as tall as Everest then go for it, make it happen.  But don’t sweat over the details of making something into something it doesn’t have to be.  Settling for adventures far closer to home that make you smile will no doubt help to make your life more complete.

More info on Kenton Cool and Henry Worsley are below.

Kenton Cool

Henry Worsley

"They helped me set realistic goals, with challenging yet achievable milestones" Susanne

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