Oil. A tale of personal responsibility

A cautionary tale that is a lesson in life (and a little bit funny and at the very least highly entertaining!).  On or about the 1st of November, Kimberley, Mrs eKuiLibriuM started to notice that her beautiful red mini was starting to play up a little.  It has one of those automatic keys.  You pop it in its bed, push the button with your foot on the clutch and BOOM, it gurgles into life.  For over 3 years this has quite happily taken place.  By her own admission, she is not that good with car maintenance.  Neither is the Mr!

At the back of her mind she knew something wasn’t quite right.

Each day she would encourage her beloved mini to start, by whopping her foot down firmly on the accelerator as soon as there was a bite of life in the engine rev count.  This was beginning to happen more regularly and on Friday she asked the Mr to check her oil levels in the mini.  The Mr nodded and the Mrs assumed that he had acknowledged her request as she sped off in his Astra to tri club junior coaching.  Friday soon became Saturday morning and they had agreed to swap vehicles as the Mrs was on a course in St Neots which involved taking a bike in the car and leaving it in the car overnight.  The bigger car was the obvious choice.  As the Mrs dashed out of the house at 7am she hollered at the Mr a happy reminder to ‘please check my oil’.

Saturday came and went.  A fabulous day and evening.  Lots of activities, learning new skills, parkruns and winning awards in the evening.  Sunday morning and the Mr and the Mrs swapped their vehicles back.  The Mrs ‘assumed’ the Mr had done her oil and did not even question it.  As the Mrs approached her destination of St Neots for day 2 of her course the car started to splutter and the oil light came on….   Oh heck.  Fortunately she was on the supermarket roundabout and was able to call the Mr, who, after pausing quietly realised he hadn’t remembered to check the oil.  Oil was purchased and added at the lunch break.  Calm was restored for the journey home and the gorgeous mini works a treat again.

A lesson of personal responsibility was learnt by the Mrs!  One that can be related to our fitness world.  If you fail to look after something that you value it runs the risk of getting unpredictable, noisy, grindy, or worse breaking or stopping.  Adding oil to the mini, the Mrs found calm restored and was able to continue along her journey.  The same can be said about ensuring that regular activity, quality nutrition, adequate sleep, and a good water intake are maintained to keep our body (and soul) in tip top form.

Ask yourself are you doing enough to maintain a working engine (body and brain!).  Are you getting to your PT sessions regularly enough?  Are you eating and drinking a balanced healthy diet on a regular basis?  Are you getting adequate sleep?   If not, you run the risk of your motor not starting!

You can’t ask someone else to take the steps needed to ‘keep your motor running’, but you can plan and make the most of what you have got.

"They helped me set realistic goals, with challenging yet achievable milestones" Susanne

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