New Year Tips for keeping in Top Form!

Many of us have had the luxury of a break away from ‘normal’ routines over the last couple of weeks.  Whether it has been an occasional day in between the public holidays, or a wonderful 2 week break, both would have had us doing slightly different things.  Perhaps sleeping longer, or more soundly; getting out into the fresh air more often without having to plan it; spending time with people we care about without the need to have to travel for hours; eating lots of delicious foods and drinks – some more nutritious than others, but very likely more colours than a rainbow in your meals over a 2 week period!

‘Easing’ back to normal is a challenge as it will signify the end of the festivities.  Many will be grateful to see the back of the QS tin, or that last glass of prosecco; some will have set resolutions and challenges involving giving up ‘everything’ to get back on track.  Life need not be restrictive to achieve.  Finding the balance that works for ‘you’ is what is important.  One routine and system will not necessarily work for you and everyone else, so take the time to tune into what makes you function the best.  The new year is your chance to shine – choose something that makes you smile and return to it.  Learn to cook; find a sport; read more; walk more….

Here are a few ideas to add into your first week ‘back to normal’ and once they become ‘normal’ why not make them something you do daily?

1. Go to bed 1/2 and hour earlier tonight and each night this week to keep your quality sleep hours up

2. Turn off all technology a further 1/2 an hour before you go to bed, giving yourself an hour to wind down before sleep

3. Walk for 10 to 15mins on waking, before breakfast, before your normal day starts

4. Drink water on your return from your walk or on rising; and whenever you think you are ‘hungry’

5. Plan and prepare your main meals :  brek/lunch/dinner and healthy snacks – preparation makes adherence and enjoyment far easier – and you will be full of energy for what the day throws at you

6. Diarise your active fitness sessions to ensure they happen – set an alarm 1 hour before to remind you to get ready for them.  Get all your kit pre-bagged ready to go!

7. Follow our 80/20 rule – nothing should be eliminated if you enjoy it – but consider your journey and reasons and make a treat a treat, not everyday

8. Be grateful – a gratitude diary on the table for all the family to write a positive affirmation in each day will keep everyone on track

9. Make every day as important as any other.  Refuse to keep ‘things’ for best.  Enjoy life and remember to tell those that are important to you that they are!

10. Believe – you are amazing and everything and anything is possible.

Happy new year one and all.

"They helped me set realistic goals, with challenging yet achievable milestones" Susanne

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