Mindful eating - anytime of the year - or how to shrink your waistline!

Eating healthily for life is our day to day wish for all our clients.  Some clients’ journey takes them a little longer to get to the point where they feel they are eating a varied, healthy, balanced diet; one they are fully in control of.  Adopting the 80/20 rule on your journey is a good way to manage some of the feelings of resentment, loss and anger that might be associated with changes in eating habits.

Underneath all these feelings will be the joyful sense of knowing that you are taking control, not letting food and all its ‘demons’ drag you with it.  Feeling more energised, fitting into your favourite clothes better, finding your Personal Training and own exercise sessions less of a challenge (which means that you can up the effort a little more) will soon take over the darker feelings.  However, this is not easy and if it were there would not be millions of books, articles and eating based groups out there for weight loss and management.

We want you all to consider two methods to keep focussed on positive and healthy eating.  Irrespective of what time of year it is, these can be applied.  After all, we are all, always only a step away from a social circumstance that can take us off track completely.  Why let one or two days take you back to somewhere that you don’t want to be at any longer?

Our two thoughts for you to consider are both surrounding eating awareness.

  1. Eat slowly.  Put your knife and fork or sandwich down between mouthfuls.  Chew each mouthful, enjoy the flavours and texture.  Swallow the mouthful and leave an empty mouth before starting the next.
  2. Eat to 80% full.  You will only know this feeling by slowing your eating down as the messages take several minutes for the brain and stomach to communicate about satiety.

Try these mindful eating techniques and watch your waistline melt away.  Let us know how you find them.

"They helped me set realistic goals, with challenging yet achievable milestones" Susanne

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