Traffic Light – a Goal Setting technique

Did you achieve everything that you set out to do this week at the beginning of the year/month… or was your week full of

RED lights…….
If it was ask yourself:
Did you write down what you wanted to achieve – Yes or No?
What was your biggest hurdle that you failed to overcome?

Assess the reasons, reconcile them, make the changes for your next week & move onwards & upwards. If you constantly hit red lights on your journey consider finding a different route that you know has less traffic lights to challenge you!

AMBER lights
You made a good start at your goals/targets/outcomes/changes, but didn’t find it easy or quite achieve them all?

Well that is ok! Well done you – pats on back Rome wasn’t built in a day! Changes and adaptations take time. Better to be a tortoise than a wild hare who burns out.

GREEN lights
Woop woop! Huge congratulations! Ask yourself how you feel… you’ve done the hard part and started to create a routine/adjustment. The journey has commenced, it certainly isn’t over, time to celebrate (in balance of course) and prepare your next set of goals for the coming week.

Tip for next week:
Visualise how your life will be when you achieve your long term goal. Keep that in your minds eye at all points when you think about falling off the path/wagon. Stay focussed & have fun!

"They helped me set realistic goals, with challenging yet achievable milestones" Susanne

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