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  1. Success is in the journey not the destination – Kenton Cool

    Family eKuiLibriuM attended a talk last night given by Kenton Cool.  For those of you that don’t know who he is he is one of the World’s leading high altitude climbers.  Within his stable he has climbed Everest 11 times.  From humble beginnings in Slough he has ascended to become one of the World’s most […]

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  2. The ghost of Christmas…..past, present and future – planning and goals

    As 2015 draws to a close and an Olympic year looms, perhaps now is the right time to take stock of your fitness and wellbeing.  Try not to let the ghosts of (Christmas) past failures haunt you; ensure your perception of your (Christmas) present level of fitness is accurate, fair and positive; and, set yourself […]

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  3. Pushing the barriers a little further

    Pushing the barriers a little further For some of you reading our newsletter and clicking into this blog you might be surprised to know what has been going on over the last year. We’ve not sent a newsletter out since early March and whilst we never bombarded you with spam we realise you may be […]

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  4. The Masters 2012: Joe Brooks our young golfer

    Did you watch the Masters this weekend?  Had you heard of Bubba Watson before Easter?  One of clients that we are delighted to work with is a fabulous young golfer – Joe Brooks.  Joe is 16 and is studying for his GCSE’s.  We asked him to tell us a bit about what golf and fitness mean […]

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  5. Larry Mangelshot – Hertford’s top personal trainer’s running biography

    In November 2006 Larry was advised to stop running due to biomechanical issues.  At the time, he took the advice on board and reluctantly stopped competing as an active athlete at Woodford Green with Essex Ladies athletics club.  Ironically, after a six or so month break from high intensity track based training, his biomechanics settled […]

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  6. The Key Components of Physical Fitness

    So tell me what it means?! The 3 key components of physical fitness are :  Aerobic, Strength and Flexibility.  In and ideal world you should aim to include all three in your weekly exercise routines.  Here is a little more information to help you work out what’s what! Aerobic Definition: any sustained activity that is vigorous […]

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