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  1. We’re not party poopers – alcohol units…

    It’s the season to be jolly and excess is all around.  We believe a life in balance has everything in moderation.  However some of you are on very specific journey’s so bear in mind that at 7kcal per gram excess alcohol will be stored as fat.   It takes 1 hour approximately for 1 unit […]

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  2. Sugar Shockers

    If you could make one change only in your daily eating and drinking habits then we would encourage you to consider not drinking your daily calorie and sugar intake. By simply being more conscious about the drinks that you consuming you will be reducing the likelihood of your body laying down excess sugar stores as […]

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  3. Is there more to Fitness than Fat Loss?

    Hell yes!  Too many adverts boast that ‘fat loss’ results are the only reason for embarking on a fitness programme.  Don’t get us wrong we all want tangible results, but these are not always as clear cut as a percentage fat loss, or a few inches lost on the body. As Fitness Coaches we encourage […]

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  4. 10 reasons to make regular exercise part of your life

    1. Regular exercise reduces your risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, osteoporosis, high-cholesterol, diabetes and obesity and some cancers, to name but a few. 2. Staying active keeps joints, tendons and ligaments flexible, allowing you to move more easily and avoid injury. 3. Keeping fit can reduce some of the effects of ageing. 4. […]

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