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  1. Life in balance: athletics, triathlon- belief is everything

    2017 is a good year.  It is going to continue to be a ‘good’ year for all. The last couple of years have thrown a lot of mud in our eyes and we have had to wipe them clean far too many times; even with our positive ‘can do’, ‘anything is possible’ beliefs we have […]

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  2. Are you Fit for YOUR Business?

    Has your fitness been on a back burner over the last few months because of focussing on your business – whether you are an employer, employee or self-employed? Do you feel weary as you come toward the end of a financial year?  Lack energy and motivation?  Now is a great time to introduce a regular […]

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  3. Road to Outlaw, iron distance triathlon

    Sunday 27th July, Outlaw, iron distance triathlon day dawned. It didn’t dawn as such, because at 2.30am when your alarm on your phone goes off, it’s pitch dark! Family Mangelshot woke, day 3 in our log cabin at the fab Teversal Camp site which is run by good family friends of ours, and fellow Outlaw […]

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  4. Summer Fitness Top Ten Tips

    For many people the months of July and August are times when they relax their normal fitness routines in favour of simply chilling out and perhaps having just a little bit of excess fun! That’s cool of course and life is meant to be in balance. But please don’t let 10 months of regular, good […]

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  5. 5 countries in 5 days: Isabel Hospice & nutrition tips

    A question for you…. what would make you get out of bed on a Sunday morning and cycle 50 plus miles in sub-zero temperatures? Just for the sake of it – yes a good enough reason To train for a BIGGER event – yes another great reason To train for an awesome event with a group […]

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