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  1. Life in balance: athletics, triathlon- belief is everything

    2017 is a good year.  It is going to continue to be a ‘good’ year for all. The last couple of years have thrown a lot of mud in our eyes and we have had to wipe them clean far too many times; even with our positive ‘can do’, ‘anything is possible’ beliefs we have […]

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  2. Customer Service is Key – FSB Hertfordshire Awards nomination

    We are delighted to announce that we have been nominated for a brand new publicly voted category at the FSB (Federation of Small Business) Hertfordshire Business Awards -‘Best Customer Service’.  The awards are highly regarded within the business world and have a variety of categories that as a business you can enter and nominate ‘why’ you […]

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  3. Pearls of wisdom to my 14 year old self and 14 year old daughter

    Our daughter celebrates her 14th birthday today.  Bizarrely, both myself and Mr eKuiLibriuM remember being 14 ourselves,  it does not feel that long ago… but young Miss, I am sure does not believe that for a second!  It got me thinking about what I would tell my 14 year old self today, right now.   Here […]

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  4. Success is in the journey not the destination – Kenton Cool

    Family eKuiLibriuM attended a talk last night given by Kenton Cool.  For those of you that don’t know who he is he is one of the World’s leading high altitude climbers.  Within his stable he has climbed Everest 11 times.  From humble beginnings in Slough he has ascended to become one of the World’s most […]

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  5. Cycle of positivity …or negativity

    I like to think that keeping life in balance can be compared to riding a bicycle.   If your tyre pressures are not even then your journey will take on a different feel.  If the pressures are too high, or too low the ride won’t feel comfortable either.  You have to find the perfect balance for […]

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  6. The journey of life: via a satnav – hello’s, goodbye’s, memories

    The anecdote of likening the journey of life to a satnav is fairly simple, but quite true.  You programme in your destination but getting there may take you longer than you first planned.  A satnav will initially select the fastest and most direct route, but with modern gps technology (especially on smart phones it would […]

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