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  1. Spring Marathon training guide – January

    As we come to the end of December, you may have perhaps had a few rest days of abundance and excess, followed up with a turkey busting local race to get you back on track?  Now is the time to plan your key training for your spring marathon.  You will have been building your training up since October […]

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    So 10 days ago, having done no proper training for the event, I decided to run this year’s Virgin Money London Marathon (VMLM). There’s nothing particularly unique about that, except that this year’s race took place exactly one week later. Yes, I had one week to prepare for one of the toughest events on the […]

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  3. Warm up? What’s that all about then?

    So what is the aim of a proper warm up? Simple….To prepare the body both mentally and physically for the more vigorous demands of the exercise to follow. The objective of the warm up should be to: • Raise the pulse rate/increase blood flow • Mobilise all major joints • Raise the body temperature If […]

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  4. Running: Time vs Mileage –what’s best ….

    Running: Time vs Mileage –what’s best and does taking a break in a run detract from its value? The enormous question was posed recently by one of our clients. What’s best?! Well, and in our opinion, going for a run should, in the first place be about fun and enjoying your surroundings. But, as our […]

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  5. Burn fat; get fit; have fun- Outdoor Group Fitness Sessions

    Are you looking for the benefits of personal training benefits – inspiration, focus, motivation – but want to exercise outdoors in a group- then join our sessions! Our group outdoor fitness sessions are designed to encourage personal responsibility for your health, fitness and wellbeing but with expert guidance on hand and a whole lotta fun […]

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  6. Walking and its many benefits

    In an age where most of us jump in the car to buy a pint of milk introducing the basic principle of walking to our every day routine might seem a little alien. Obesity rates are at an all time high and all we need to do is make a slight adaptation to our daily […]

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