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If you are reading this then you will benefit from working with an eKuiLibriuM personal trainer.  If you are looking for the motivation to make fitness become part of your life again, or simply looking for a re-fresh to your old work out routine – well then, you have come to the right place.  Now is your time to bring balance back to your life, improve your fitness, burn some fat, and have some fun.

If you answer YES to any of the questions below then you should pick up the phone and arrange for a free consultation…

"They helped me set realistic goals, with challenging yet achievable milestones" Susanne

Still Not Sure?

Typical client types that we work with include:

  • Couples


    • Need to spend more time together?
    • Fancy a little bit of competition?
    • Eaten too many meals out and waistbands expanding?
    • Perhaps retirement has freed up more time?
  • Stressed Executive

    • Blood pressure going through the roof?
    • Spending too many hours at your computer?
    • Losing sleep to stressful thoughts?
    • Find you are too tired to do things with the family?
  • Out of Condition

    • Overweight?
    • Over-tired?
    • Get out of breath walking up the stairs?
    • Can’t get into that favourite pair of jeans?
  • Play Sport

    • Need to increase your speed, agility & quickness?
    • Want to reduce your golf handicap?
    • Want to run or cycle faster in races?
    • Want to be confident participating in sport?
  • Ill Health

    • Recovering from surgery or recent illness?
    • Lack confidence and ability?
    • Not exercised in years & wouldn’t know where to start?
    • Have a chronic condition such as MS, Diabetes, Parkinsons?
  • Post Natal

    • Had a baby over 6 weeks ago?
    • Not lost your pregnancy weight/fat?
    • Haven’t prioritised yourself in years/months/weeks?
    • Have time on your hands now the kids are at school?

Whoever you are and whatever your current condition, including regular exercise and fitness in your life will help move you towards your goals and aspirations. Connecting with eKuiLibriuM personal training is a positive step that you will never regret.

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call 07793 282025 and make the connection today...

give us one hour of your time and we will inspire you on your journey to improved fitness.

Oh and show you it can be fun too!

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